Rules and Regulations

Madame Homard organises private parties and works with a named guestlist.

There is no doorsale at the parties.

The parties are for couples (m/f and f/f) or single ladies.

Single men or groups of men are not allowed admittance!

Guests must be from 21 years upto 45 years of age.

Drug- or excessive alcohol abuse will not be tolerated.

During the event sexy behaviour is acceptable, but NO sexual conduct in the party arena.

It is not allowed to take photographs or film during the party, with exception of designated photographers.

Guest may be frisked before entering the party.

The dress code is an important part of our events and must be followed at all times. Acces will be denied is the dresscode is not followed.

Paylogic tickets must be printed and taken to the event.

In case of timely annulment Madame Homard will offer you a Free of Charge voucher or restitution for the amount.

Annulment of hotelrooms is possible up to 14 days before the event. After this date, the annulment is dependent on the annulment-regulations of the hotel itself.